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Higher Consciousness

We wish to connect with our higher consciousness, but what is that exactly and how do we know how to connect with it?

First, let me say that one has to identify with one’s own consciousness, rather than the world consciousness. There is a difference.

When we speak about our highest consciousness, it refers to us connecting with our Soul’s consciousness which is connected to the Infinite Divine Cosmic Creation, where truth, wisdom, and knowledge are found and felt. World consciousness is the frequency that the world finds itself in. Often a mix of positive and negative frequencies.

The first step for us to do to connect with our higher consciousness is to have a relationship with our soul, to know that we are guided by our soul.

Once we understand soul sovereignty and live by our soul sovereignty then we are not pulled into the world’s consciousness.

Soul sovereignty means that only you, your soul, has authority over what you accept in your life. No other person, besides the Infinite Cosmic Energy, has an influence over you. The stronger that sovereignty is, the less negative influence can pollute your life.

Although we are part of the world’s consciousness, we have a distinct consciousness that guides us to detect which vibration and frequency we wish to operate from. And when we operate from our own divine consciousness, we actually have a positive influence on the whole. When we decide to face ourselves, look at the patterns that don’t serve us, and re-align with the Cosmic Creation’s Truth, we start to connect with our true self and our higher consciousness.

Schedule your Soul Therapy to connect with your higher consciousness, your true self, and allow yourself to be guided by your inner truth.

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