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Kundalini Yoga – The Yoga of Awareness

What is kundalini?

Kundalini is a superconscious energy that has been coiled at the base of your spine since birth. Kundalini, a Sanskrit term from ancient India, refers to the source of your life force (pranic energy, chi, bioenergy) which we all have within us.

Through yogic and spiritual practices your kundalini energy will awaken and unravel itself, circulating through your body's chakras (energy centers).


In kundalini yoga, you utilize yoga poses, breath, mudras (hand positions), and mantras that help expand your body, mind, and soul awareness.

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As a human being you aspire to wholeness

It is through your yoga practice, which includes kriyas (sets) and meditations that you can cultivate a deeper unified awareness of body, mind, and soul.

As a yoga practitioner, you are awakening to your full potential as a multi-faceted human being. Kundalini yoga helps you discover how to vibrate in alignment with your true divine nature.


To raise your frequency, you explore new ways to listen and feel the subtle emotions and energies within you. This gives you the ability to face your physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges with more ease and grace.

Addressing times of stress

With the ever-increasing stress in your daily life, kundalini yoga offers you an efficient wellness system that works, and produces results quickly.

The power of kundalini yoga is its rapid step-by-step way of strengthening and balancing your body, glands, nervous system, and mind.


I invite you to transform your life with this powerful yogic method. You can discover effective ways to let go of your negative conditioning and unlock your full human and spiritual potential.                                  Private and group classes offered

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My yoga journey

I first started the practice of Hatha yoga in my teens, then later practiced Iyengar yoga, to finally begin my kundalini yoga journey years later.


I found that kundalini yoga worked quickly and efficiently to help me heal various physical and emotional stresses, and I have been practicing and teaching kundalini yoga for over 20 years.

Private & Group Classes:

It’s my pleasure and blessing to offer kundalini yoga to you.

If your goal is to know yourself better, to integrate your body, mind, and soul, and to feel balanced, grounded, and in harmony, consider kundalini yoga as a path to your goals.


To schedule a private or group class in person or online, or to invite me to teach at your yoga center, please contact me here.

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Classes Offered
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