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Soul Therapy

Realize your true potential to live an empowered life.

Be grounded, centered, and balanced.

Let go of your struggles and step into your Divine flow.

Soul Therapy helps you:

- Transform limiting patterns and memories by your cells, your emotions, your mind, and your soul.

Release the negative memory patterns, and replace them with new, expanded, positive belief patterns that immediately begin to manifest positively in your life.

Access the infinite positive potential within your Divine Cosmic Soul, so that you can manifest your intrinsic excellent qualities in your life.

Does life feel like a struggle? Soul therapy can help you get centered so you can move forward with deeper empowerment.

Do you feel that you are not using your full potential? Soul Therapy clears your blocks and enhances your optimal self. 

Do you feel out of sorts? Soul Therapy integrates your body, mind, and soul to help center you in a grounded positive way.


You are ready for change that awakens your infinite possibilities,

leading to multi-dimensional transformation!


Your accumulated experiences in this and other lifetimes exist as patterns in your energy field. These limiting patterns will express themselves through your body, mind and spirit. This affects your thinking, how you feel about your self, and even your understanding about reality.


We will work together to clear the limiting, disharmonious beliefs, and the distorted patterns locked deep within your body, mind and soul. This will help you reference your higher potential, rather than your limiting patterns.


In Soul Healing Work, you will access the unlimited memories held within your DNA, within your body cells, and within your soul.


You will replace the negative aspects with new divinely-aligned patterns that will allow you to let go of blocks, pain, ailments, distress, lack of purpose, and struggle in your life. You will actually sense your paradigms shifting deep within as you align with your true higher essence.


The radiant presence of your higher potential will emerge within you.


Theta HealingSoul Memory Discoveryand Sat Nam Rasayan assist you to transform negative and destructive patterns. This replaces limiting beliefs, and allows for new positive patterns to naturally emerge in your life.


These energy healing technologies help you generate meaningful changes in your life.


During a consultation you are fully alert and aware, and you are a full participant. When you actively participate in the transformations, this empowers you even more, and allows you to discover effective ways to work on yourself at home.


The Soul Therapy process is safe, uplifting, empowering, immediately effective, and the changes that take place will offer you a profound new experience in life.


Consultations are in person, over the phone, Skype, or on Zoom. Consultation last typically for one hour. There is also an option for a ninety-minute consultation. 

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What My Clients Have to Say

"What a treat. Thank you SimranKaur. I feel so light. I feel much calmer, and more at peace with myself. The pressure I was feeling is gone. It seems as if a massive cloud was lifted, giving me more clarity to make decisions in my life. Thanks for all the clearings."       - Anne C.

"Your gentle approach helped me feel safe in the session. Your way of smoothly moving through my ‘stuck places’ let me shift in a gradual and comfortable way. I appreciate your refinement, and the care you bring to your work. Thank you for sharing your healing gifts."      - Claudia B.

"Thank you so much SimranKaur for all your help. My back feels so much lighter. I feel that much of the tension has gone away. All those layers from the past, gone. I feel renewed, recharged, and ready to tackle more in my life. God bless you!"     - Frank Gordon

"SimranKaur holds a high-vibration and grounded sacred space. Her work is gentle and effective. I feel clearer and more connected to my potential as a result of her multi-dimensional work. I experienced that different parts of my body seemed to have released distortions that prevented me from being present there. I also noticed that my perception seemed clearer and I was able to have a sense of quiet inner empowerment that feels right."

                     - Joel Bruce Wallach

"SimranKaur did a great job of helping discern and work on the emotional causes behind a bout of the flu I caught. I felt lighter and clearer for several days afterwards."   - Sat Kartar Kaur

"My experience of soul therapy was really incredible. It helped open up deep places within, that allowed the Unconditional Love to flood in me again. SimranKaur Khalsa is an angel of inspiration and has helped many of my friends. She really has a great gift and passion for healing from Divine Light. Wowguroo!!!"

                - Pritpal Singh Bhasin


I look forward to hearing from you!
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