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How I came to write poetry

In 2010 I was asked whether I had any poetry to share for an interfaith poetry book.

I replied that I didn’t write poetry, and as I said this, I realized that I had just told myself that it wasn’t in my reality to do so. I didn’t feel appropriate to tell myself that I couldn’t write poetry.

And so I started writing a poem immediately – which then led to another, and another. The challenge paid off.


I received another poetry challenge in 2013. A friend invited me to join a Haiku Facebook page. Although at first this seemed like a strange invitation, I thought, why not explore this?

I didn’t even know what a Haiku was.

So again, I challenged myself to write a Haiku, and ended up writing quite a few.

Whether for some people these are true haikus or not, it doesn't matter. I believe that the messages offered through these Haikus are what matter.


My Haikus have images that I pick, create, or redesign, as I love working with Photoshop to express the message on a deeper level.


All these poems have an uplifting and transformational message.

May they inspire you!

Click on the images to either view the poems or Haikus.

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