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Align With Truth

Which door will you take?

Do you wish to vibrate to the Truth Frequency that is found in this cosmos?

How do you wish to live?

What do you choose... everyday, every moment of your life, here on this planet earth?

“Sat Nam” in the Sikh scriptures, translates as “True Name”, or as I often say, the True Frequency or Vibration found within this Infinite Divine Creation.

It reminds us that we vibrate to that deep Infinite Truth which flows through us via our soul connection with the Creator.

When aligned with our true divine essence we have access to the intrinsic divine truth within us.

In kundalini yoga, we vibrate Sat Nam when we breathe, inhaling sat, exhaling nam. Every breath that we take reminds us to resonate in alignment with truth through every cell, atom and molecule of our body.

We have incarnated into this life, time and time again to activate our awareness, to open ourselves to this Cosmic Creation, and all that it holds — the ugly as well as the beautiful, with absolute equanimity. We are given the opportunity to choose what kind of life we wish to live.

The truth can often be a challenge to face and then confront. Yet, when we do confront it, it gives us an incredible opportunity for change in our life, whether it is on a physical, emotional, or spiritual level.

Find the reasons that prevent you from facing a truth. This helps you release the block(s) that prevents you from admitting the truth, however uncomfortable it may be.

Take that step towards living truthfully!

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