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Soul Therapy combines 3 transformational spiritual modalities:

Theta Healing  -  Soul Memory Discovery  -  Sat Nam Rasayan

These three healing methods are intuitively combined to serve 

your highest good in each session.

How spiritual transformation works

All of our experiences in this lifetime as well as past lifetimes are recorded as energy patterns in our physical bodies, in our brains, and also in various organs, muscles, and cells.


Just as our physical body holds memories of everything that has happened to us, so does our electro-magnetic field (the aura) hold all the memories that our soul has ever experienced.


In this life, we are blessed to be able to release our destructive patterns that hinder our way of living. And we work on releasing those patterns held in the full spectrum of our being, body, mind, and soul.

About the various transformational spiritual modalities:
Theta Healing

Theta Healing helps generate real change in your life, utilizing the deep, naturally occurring theta-wave state to access hidden patterns and activate transformational energies. This healing method aligns you with the Creator's Infinite Wisdom and Knowledge.  


Limited viewpoints and unrealistic beliefs block your connection with your inner truth and your higher consciousness. Through the influence of your upbringing, your ancestral patterns, and your past life experiences, you have developed a distorted understanding of your life potentials. These distortions may also have come to you through parents, teachers, religions, the news, institutions and the collective consciousness.


Theta Healing provides simple and effect tools for you to re-align your body, mind, and soul with universal divine consciousness. This helps you let go of belief systems that do not serve you and helps replace them with appropriate empowering understandings. You will find yourself living a more grounded, centered, truthful, aware, and empowered life. 

Soul Memory Discovery clears your energy field to receive more Divine Light and higher guidance. This healing modality enhances your DNA, releases old patterns, addresses karmic issues, helps you find your purpose in life, connects you with your personal master guides, and helps reshape your destiny. 


Soul Memory Discovery offers very specific processes that will transform you on a very deep soul level. These changes will realign you with your higher consciousness. You will feel the lasting effects in your everyday life.

Soul Memory Discovery

Sat Nam Rasayan™ utilizes a highly refined state of consciousness. This allows me to sensitively tune into your energy at a very subtle level and enables me to sense any distorted patterns affecting a given problem. These patterns are then transformed by realigning them with the Highest Divine Consciousness.

Sat Nam Rasayan

It is a blessing for me to utilize the exquisitely precise sacred state of consciousness that I work from to help the subtle shifts occur in your body, aura, soul, and consciousness.

To book a Soul Therapy Consultation with me, click here.

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