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Haiku Challenge

In March 2013 a friend invited me to join a Haiku Facebook page. I didn’t even know what a Haiku was. Thankfully, the page gave some explanation, and I could also read other people’s Haikus to inspire me.

So, I decided to challenge myself and write a few. I had already challenged myself to write poetry, so why not try a Haiku?

Writing a true Haiku according to the rules is desirable. However, whether my Haikus are considered as following the correct rules is not a priority for me. Yes, I’ll do my best to follow certain rules, but what’s important to me is what inspires me to write one, whether considered as a real Haiku according to the rules or not, is not what matters to me.

I am writing this short blog to inspire you to challenge yourself, whether it is poetry or any other endeavor that brings something new into your life.

Challenge yourself, try something new!

If you want to know how to write a Haiku, here’s an article by Jane Reichhold:

Recently I’ve written a few more Haikus that continue to be inspired by the heart.

Check it out.

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